Mission Statement

Mission Statement

You or your child have the right to dignity as a human being and to equal consideration regardless of any social, cultural or physical differences we may have.

You or your child have the right to be listened to in a non-judgemental way and to be accepted for the unique person they are.

You have the right to be provided with professional and respectful care by me.

You or your child has the right to confidentiality within counselling, providing that what they tell me does not put me in the position of breaking the law or may make me aware that you or they are contemplating causing serious harm to themselves or to others, or that they themselves have been harmed.

Feedback to you, as the parent, will be provided; in regard to where I believe your child is within the therapeutic process.

My verbal and written contract with your child, states that I will not discuss with anybody what they have spoken about in therapy sessions, without their agreement.

Please be mindful that therapy can be hard work for you or your child. I am here to enable clients to understand themselves and empower them to the best of my ability. You or your child is responsible for your/their own thoughts, feelings, actions, and pace of their personal growth, throughout the process.

As your or your child’s counsellor I will be discussing the counselling that I am doing with my Clinical Supervisor, to monitor and improve my practice, in order that I can be the best I possibly can be, as a therapist. This will be done in such a way as to protect yours or your child’s identity and not breach any confidence.

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